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MALE TESTOSTERONE PRODUCTION WITH AGE: HOW DOES IT EFFECT YOU? We all want to remain looking and feeling our best. As we age it becomes increasingly more difficult for our bodies to keep the same steady flow of testosterone and androgen's coursing through our blood. This decrease is natural and can begin to occur in many men as early as age 18! Low testosterone can result in both the physical and the physiological breakdown in the male body. Symptoms include decreased muscle mass, fatigue, low sex drive, depression, anxiety as well as an increase in upper body and abdominal body fat. Fortunately Rush Force XT can turn this process around and kick-start your body’s production of natural testosterone!

The quality of the ingredients will directly impact the results you achieve! We insist on formulating Rush Force XT using the highest quality ingredients available. Our formula is guaranteed 100% natural and safe.


Rush force XT will give you an edge in the bed, the gym or even the workplace. It is the preferred choice of men everywhere looking to enjoy a great libido and increased vitality. Attain the edge you desire with a better performance at every level.

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